Helping People Find Freedom in Jesus.


How we can help

Nicole Hargreaves and her husband Chris are passionate about making disciples of Jesus and equipping believers in effective ministry to the sick, the hurting and the lost, particularly through teaching on deliverance. We endeavour to be Biblical and sober-minded in all things and reject the increasingly common mystical practices and uncontrolled behaviour that is sadly displayed in many popular charismatic churches. We seek to offer deliverance ministry and teaching to those who see the need but are cautious about some of the unbiblical things that they see in these settings. If your church or fellowship group is struggling to see members and outsiders set free from emotional and physical ailments, or are failing to see members mature in Christian ministry, we would love to help equip you!


Speaking & Teaching

Chris and Nicole have a heart to equip local churches and house churches to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around them, principally through teaching on deliverance, healing and evangelism.


Private ministry

Nicole conducts a small number of private appointments for those who are in need of prayer, deliverance, Biblical guidance and counsel. This service is mostly reserved for those who have no Christian support network around them to help them in these areas.


Courses & Resources

Learn more about deliverance, healing the sick, spiritual warfare, evangelism and making disciples through these resources, or sign up for our zoom training course and learn how to bring Jesus’ touch to those around you.