About Me (Nicole)

I am a qualified healthcare practitioner who has often been called on to work with patients with some of the most stubborn and complex chronic conditions. Shortly after commencing professional practice I began to be frustrated by the infrequency with which patients could be permanently cured without long-term reliance on complex medication regimes or restrictive diets. I also noted how frequently trauma and spiritual problems accompanied or preceded health issues.

This was not totally contrary to my own personal experience. During my time as a student, I had experienced some dramatic miraculous healing, yet still continued to struggle with a number of other health problems afterwards. After coming to the end of my “normal” treatment options, I came to realise that I was in need of deliverance, and sought help. This is where my journey into ministry started.

Through my own deliverance and discipleship journey not only was I physically healed (of very many ailments) but I was also emotionally healed of past trauma and wounds. Best of all, my relationship with God was more vibrant and real than ever before! It was then that I began to realise that God wanted to train me to work together with Him in this area. I have always known that we would see Him do much more as I followed His leading. My ministry has been born out of my own journey of becoming free and as an answer to my prayer that the Lord would give me an opportunity to teach many people what he has been gracious enough to teach me.

My “bio”:

I have three Bachelor degrees, which seems like overkill really, but I can see how the Lord has used my career to dovetail with my ministry. In addition to my Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, I also have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Animal Studies and a Bachelor of Arts (in Mandarin Chinese). I worked as a healthcare professional from 2016-2023. This has equipped me well for ministry, as I developed extensive skills in case-taking, careful questioning and deduction. I have worked with people in very difficult circumstances and from a wide variety of backgrounds and the Lord has used this to help develop my sensitivity, compassion and communication skills. My practice had a focus in paediatrics and women’s care, and I retain the ability to truly connect with and diagnose physical and spiritual issues with children as well as adults. Since 2021 I have been gradually transitioning into full time ministry.

The Lord also gave me earlier life experience in helping people with disabilities and trauma backgrounds. Prior to graduating in healthcare, I spent eight years training and placing assistance dogs with Canine Helpers for the Disabled Inc, an organisation which I founded in 2000. This gave me valuable experience working with people with disabilities, especially those within the autistic spectrum. My certification as a provider of the Safe and Sound Protocol (a music-based therapy) has given me more opportunity to be trained in trauma care and to work with people with sometimes very extensive life trauma.

I have completed a year-long training course in spiritual ministry, and am accredited to deliver an internationally recognised emotional life-skills training course. (The name of which is available on request.) I have done extensive private study in Biblical counsel, doctrine, ministry and spiritual gifts. I am also thoroughly familiar with mainstream and ‘alternative’ healthcare options, and therefore intimately aware of the spiritual and physical dangers that can be found in some of these fields.

Finally, as the mother and educator of three children, I am also a student of the school of life! My most important qualification for ministry, however, is as a dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit and having learned so very much as He has taught me along the way how to minister to patients, family and friends.

I speak English (perhaps obviously), a reasonable amount of French, and am preparing to be ministry-competent in Spanish shortly, as I travel to Latin America.