About Chris and Nicole Hargreaves

Chris and Nicole Hargreaves were married in 2001 and live in Dayboro, Queensland, Australia. For the first 15 years of our marriage we attended Ashgrove Baptist Church where we got a good grounding in the word of God. We now worship and serve at Dayboro Church and have also participated in a home church network since 2015.

Chris and Nicole have loved serving together and do so whenever possible. Nicole also sometimes travels with another experienced believer when Chris is unavailable.

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Nicole Hargreaves

Nicole is a qualified healthcare practitioner and an experienced Christian ministry worker. She combines her understanding of how the human body works with the ministry tools God has given us through the Bible to see others set free from emotional, spiritual and physical problems, and teaches people to do the same. Click here to learn more

Chris Hargreaves

Chris is a fully qualified, working solicitor and uses his analytical and teaching skills professionally, as well as to expound the word of God and teach people how to understand it better for themselves. He also has a Bachelor’s degree majoring in psychology. Click here to learn more.