Our beliefs

We believe that the Bible was inspired by God and is both accurate and relevant to modern daily life when interpreted carefully and without bias, to understand the intended meaning.

We believe that Jesus is the son of God, is God in the flesh, and that he died and rose from death bodily.

We believe that God wants to have a loving close relationship with each of us, and that each of us has a deep longing for this kind of connection that can never be filled by anything else.

We believe that when we establish that relationship, that God can and does communicate with us daily, through promptings from his Holy Spirit.

We believe that God is good in every way and that God is holy. As a result, he must punish evil, and does so, but offers mercy to those who will accept it.

We believe that we cannot separate our spiritual life from other aspects of life. There is no sacred/secular divide in a person’s soul.

We believe that anyone can find a close relationship with God if they are willing. He has made that possible.

We believe, and have seen, that people change for the better from the inside out as they know God better.

We do not believe in a religion of external rules and regulation. We believe in internal transformation so that externals rules are superfluous and people are naturally self-controlled with the help of the Holy Spirit.

We do not believe in special religious people being required to mediate between us and God. We believe that Jesus has enabled those who trust in him to communicate directly with God; we can do this individually or in a group but we do not need someone else to bring us into God’s presence.

We do not believe that it is necessary to be in a special building or place (temple, church, ‘sacred site’ etc) in order to commune with God. We believe that God is everywhere, and he gives no particular favour to one location or another.

We believe that God wants us to be free from any bondages that stop us from becoming more like Jesus. We believe that in most cases, God also wants us to be well – but not at the expense of being emotionally and spiritually unwell.

We believe that demonic activity is a very common cause of physical, emotional and spiritual ill health, and that Jesus can and will completely set free all who pursue that freedom through him. We would love to help you do that!