Private Appointments

While Nicole still offers some private ministry appointments, the Lord has shown us that his best model is for believers to minister to other believers in their own local fellowship. If you are in need of ministry, especially in the area of deliverance, we would love to come and equip your local church, fellowship group or simply a group of believing friends, so that you can learn to minister to one another. If you have some other believers around you, please consider having us come out to teach rather than booking a private appointment. Teaching sessions include opportunities for private deliverance as part of the entire equipping, so you gain much more than if you made a single appointment. Please click here for more information on what is involved in having us come and speak.

We understand that not everyone has access to fellow Christians who are interested in learning how to minister. If you have no fellow believers around you who can help you with deliverance, we will still consider offering you a private appointment, subject to availability. We also encourage you to strongly consider enrolling in an online ministry course which includes deliverance as well as teaching that will help you in your journey. Click here for our courses. Preference for private appointments is given to those who are enrolled in or have completed a course or are part of a group whom we have visited with teaching.

We also understand that some people have already had unsuccessful, or partly unsuccessful deliverance ministry and may wish to have a private session to get started. Nicole has experience working with people who would be considered “tricky cases” in both the healthcare and ministry realms. If you have had trouble with unsuccessful deliverance in the past, we understand that you might prefer to have a private appointment to see if our approach is going to work for you.

If you would like a private appointment with Nicole, please contact us here and let us know a little about what is going on for you.