Foundations for a relationship with God:

If you want to really grow in your Christian walk, I highly recommend you watch the following video series by the great late David Pawson:

“The Normal Christian Birth” – an absolute must see for all who claim to follow Christ. So many of us miss a critical step in our own new birth or in explaining it to others! Also available as a book at

Unlocking the Old Testament and Unlocking the New Testament – spend a year diving deep into the scriptures, watching the relevant video before reading each book of the Bible. A really eye-opening journey through the Bible that will help you read and understand it much more deeply, and, we hope, the way God intended!

Old Testament:

New Testament:

Homeschooling (Protecting our Children):

For those with kids who are concerned about their spiritual and physical safety at school, you might like my webinar on homeschooling