Speaking & Teaching

Chris and Nicole have a heart to equip local churches and house churches to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around them, principally through teaching on deliverance, healing and evangelism.

Our favourite speaking topics are:

-Deliverance, particularly in difficult cases

-The new birth and how to explain it

-Discerning the voice of the Holy Spirit

-Discerning good from evil

-Traps of the New Age and Occult and how to spot and avoid them

-New Age practices creeping into the church

-Biblical supernatural healing

-Healthcare from a biblical perspective

-Rejection and abandonment complexes

-Mental illness, mood disorders, depression and anxiety from a Biblical perspective

-Breaking family patterns

-Freedom from habitual sin and from a sense of shame or condemnation


-Helping people with a trauma background

-Ministering effectively to babies and children.

Speaking engagements range from a short talk to a multi-day intensive equipping that includes private appointments, mentoring, teaching, demonstration and the possibility of an outreach using the skills that we have been teaching earlier in the visit.

Chris and Nicole have a particular heart to bring quality teaching to smaller towns throughout Australia that may not otherwise receive much ministry attention. Nicole has also felt a call to Latin America, where she will be ministering in 2024 and expects to return regularly. While we appreciate any donations to our ministry, we trust the Lord to provide our finances so do not charge a speaking fee.

Please contact us here if you would like to explore the possibility of having us come to teach your group. We will prayerfully consider any request from around the world.