Support Us

There are significant costs associated with travelling to minister, and Nicole has given up her career as a healthcare professional to follow the Lord’s calling in ministry, thus relying on donor support for her entire income.

While we ask for a donation for private appointments, many people are unable to contribute much, or at all, and when we travel for ministry it is usually to disadvantaged areas and small churches who sometimes have trouble even helping us fund our travel costs. Trips to Latin America are entirely self-funded.

We would very much appreciate you partnering with us to enable us to continue to support our family and serve the Lord. Your donation will go towards providing appointments to people in need who cannot afford to reimburse us for our time, or towards funding expenses associated with an equipping and teaching trip. Please let us know if you would like to support a particular upcoming trip or pay it forward for a certain client.

Please note that donations are not tax deductible.

Our preference if possible (to avoid the fees!) is for donations to be made by direct debit to the following account:

Otherwise, you can donate with a credit card using the form below (payments are processed by Stripe, and we do not see nor keep any of your account details). Because of associated fees, the minimum donation by Credit Card is $5.00.